Italy-Venice-Day 1

5 days ago I went to Italy-Venice where the land or road is the sea and the cars are the boats. We took a lot of pictures. 

On the way to the East Midlands Airport.

We were finally there at the East Midlands Airport.

We're at the RYANAIR check in desk for our tickets.

The  RYANAIR  plane that we gone on on.

We were finally boarding on the plane.

In the plane it was so cozy.

Taking picture on the plane. This pose was originally made by Hyun Bin and he is from Korea.

We're taking a picture facing back.

Look at the amazing view of the UK when we departed from the airport.

We finally arrived at the Treviso Airport 8.00 at night.

We were finally at Venice after that 20 minute bus drive and we were at the bridge to Venice.

It was so cold so everyone wrapped themselves to become warm.

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