My Teachers Comment

You see this is what I have accomplished during I was at school.


My Football Trick

Today I did a good football trick at school.  People call it a meg. I'll explain how to do it. It's a bit hard and the same time a bit easy. All you have to do is kick the ball in between the opponents legs. But I did the meg in a special way. Firstly I used my left leg to go around the ball in one place then you kick the ball while your legs are crossed.



The new hair cut change

Me and my sister Widad had a new hair cut. I had Mohawk and Widad had Fringe. Let's see the photo.

By the way this posing is from a Korean Drama called My Lovely SamSoon. But still look at my Mohawk.

I finally got the book

Yesterday I finally got my brand new book called The Throne of Fire. After all those days of waiting I finally got  it. It's the sequel to the first book called The Red Pyramid which both are really AWESOME.


The maths challenge

The day before yesterday I participated in the United Kingdom Junior Maths Challenge. In this competition to see who is the greatest math wizard between England, Ireland and Scotland. There were 25 questions. question 1-15.  five points for each question. if incorrect you lose one point. 16-25.six points for each question. if incorrect you lose two points. So what I did on the maths competition was really hard. So I really hope I get to win  but if I lose at least I got to participated in the competition.


Missing 5 months of writing on this blog

I haven't actually been on this blog for a long time. Exactly 5 months and let me recap on what happened. So get ready because you have missed a lot in 5 months.