I went to the National Media Museum

At the end of the adventure we went to the National Media Museum and it was awesome. We got to see the green screen, I became a camera man and many more.

I am at the Museum

The Welcome poster

I met Harry Potter

I became a camera man

I am moving the big camera

I went to Michael Owens house

I went to Michael Owens house yesterday. Well we could'nt go in the house. Cause we were afraid he might call the police and by the way there might be hidden CCTV.

The street name

Me at the street

The Manchester sience MOSI museum

While we were at Manchester we went to the science MOSI museum. It was all about engines.

The boy lying down near an train engine

I am going in the train

We also went to the airspace museum.

I am next to the plane

The gostly boy and vehicle

Liverpool and Beatle museum

Two days ago we went to the Liverpool The Beatle museum it was kind of huge for a four people boyband and always get a fridge magnet.

The Beatles

The Beatles gift shop

The fab store

Manchester old trafford football stadium

Two days ago we went to the Manchester old trafford stadium. We all saw lots of pictures of Manchesters football players. Of course Widad freaked out when she saw a picture of Park Ji Sung.

Of course when ever we go somewhere we always buy a fridge magnet of the place.

The big stadium

Me and the big posters

The three legends

The players jerseys

The Manchester logo

The biggest poster

Liverpool Anfield football stadium

Yesterday we went to the Liverpool Anfield football stadium. We saw lots of pictures of players and we bought a fridge magnet Liverpool jersey.

Siting down near the stadium map

I am pointing at the Liverpool poster

The Liverpool logo

The legend captain footballer

The big Liverpool poster

Names of Liverpool players

Liverpool Travelodge

While we were going out and about we stayed in the Liverpool Travelodge for one night.

The travelodge


I went Ice Skating

Yesterday I went to the ice skating ring in the city centre. Of course I was the only one falling but other people fell to. But I still had so much fun.


I'm now not feeling well again

I'm now not feeling well again and this time I really am sick. Very sick. It was  yesterday. When I was going to buy my footballs and went ice skating and then at that time it was so cold. I was still sick at that time. Around  three o'clock or four o'clock I went straight home while the others (Along and Widad) went to buy groceries. While mum and I stayed home and I straight away went to sleep because I was sleepy.

New Footballs

Yesterday I got two new footballs and the only footballs I have. So it was so amazing that I got a football. All thanks to my beautiful and loving mum and along.



I'm in school now

Now I am in school I can't believe I am in school and I am on my blog.



The hard or easy test

Today I had a test to test your level in maths and English. All my friends said it was so hard. It was like year 10 exams. But it was so easy. All of them except some of the maths section. But the rest was so easy.



Delicious Mee Hoon

I ate the delicious Mee Hoon. I ate it until there was nothing left on the plate and I ate Begedil or in English it's called dumpling.

Running men

For the last four straight days me my mum and Widad were watching a variety show called Running man. It was so addictive.

The characters are that I know of Kim Jung Kook known as Sparta Kook because he is very strong, Gary Hyung known as one of the Monday couple, Haha known as so called movie man, Jae Suk known as also MC, Ji Hyu known as blank Ji Hyu and the other Monday couple by the way she is a girl. Gwang Soo known as mister tells a lot and lastly Jung Ki known as pretty boy.


I have a fever

Today I did not go to school because I have a fever. Yesterday I felt a bit sick but today I'm getting a bit more feverish than I thought.



Facebook video-cancer

I was watching the cancer video on Facebook there was a Miley Cyrus song (The climb). It was about people getting cancer and dying of it and people who survived cancer. By the way the song was sang by a man.

German Test

Today I had a German test it was so easy. It was so easy and I even did another test.




Now Widad is talking about me in her blog. About me not going to school and she is even showing my school websites homepage and on the top of the page it says.              Monday 6th December
                                                                                                school is open as usual
                                                                                                to both students and staff.
But I still didn't go to school today and I still have to go to school tomorrow.

To Widad: suckerrrr. The person who said that is Chad Dylan Cooper (Sterling Knight).


Facebook games

Last night I was playing the Facebook games and there were lots of them. First I was playing the football game called bola it was so fun after that I was playing ninja saga and many more.



Christmas movies

Starting from two days ago we were watching Christmas movies. Now we are watching a Christmas movie called Christmas mail. Now we only watched a quarter of it.

Forest Field

We went to forest field 3 hours ago and me and Widad were having a snow fight. We were falling everywhere, sleighing down the hill, rolling over and sometimes those things hurt. Lastly we went home and I brought home a big ball of snow and bring it home but I couldn't bring it in the house because my mum says it's gonna be wet in the house. So I left it out of the house.

I hope it doesn't melt.

rolling over

sliding down



Showing off

Today only Widad has school. So Widad was so jealous of me because  I wasn't going to school. So to Widad.

Hahahahahahahahah Widad your at school and I'm at home yes.

Friday prayer

An hour ago I just went for Friday prayer. All I saw was a lot of Arabic people and I only saw five Malay people actually six people including me.


Maggi is a delicious meal. It's like noodles plus thin noodles plus curry. So yum and tasty. Example even though I'm so full of rice and my mum is cooking maggi and I still eat it even though I'm full.




My sister in law. Hamizah is married to Aiman.



Alim is me the writer of this blog and I am a football player.


My dad is a football coach and he teaches me how to play football. Now I'm getting really good at it.



My mum is so cool and a loving mum. Thank you mum and I love you mum.



My eldest sister Along. Is so wise and brilliant and she is an engineer.



My brother Aiman is already married and have one daughter. Cool brother.


My sister Maisarah is my huggable and friendly sister. She is so lovely.



My brother Mamat is an athlete (rugby player) he is so cool and calm no matter what.



My sister Widad is kind of obsessed with korean and she always forgets about some things. The last thing is that she never leaves the laptop.


16 Wishes

16 Wishes is a new Disney channel movie. It'll be out tomorrow. It's about a girl name Abby Jehnson (Debby Ryan) and making her 16 wishes come true. Until something happen to one of the wishes.

What happened  to one of the wishes?

The 3 wishes I wanted

  1. I wish we were so rich.
  2. I wish my family were here at Nottingham.
  3. I wish I'm more athletic.


I just ate mee rebus. It was so delicious and tasty I added the spaghetti 3 times. So tasty



The snow is snowing heavily and cold. This might mean that there's no school tomorrow.

YAAAAAHOOOO no school.

Just went out

We just went out to do the video. It was so much fun after we did the shooting we took pictures and played a snow fight. I mostly threw it at Widad from a far distance and it always hit her even though she was so far away. After that we took pictures of us jumping and me doing cart wheel.


frozen car

holding a snow ball

got hit in the face


5D was my old class in Malaysia Selangor. It was cool because everyone was nice to. Well I was there for 4 and half years so I was very famous. When I was leaving to go to the UK, during assembly the teacher called me up to  say that I was leaving. After that when I was in the science lab the teacher took a picture of us because that was  my last day. When it was english the teacher gave me a free book. When it was malay language the teacher asked me to do a speech in front of the class and at the end of the day the class  gave me RM25 because I was leaving. 

Pair of Kings

It's a new series starring Mitchel Musso and Doc shaw. It's about 2 guys in a adventures game show and comedy.

New series coming soon.

Zeke and Luther

Now I'm watching Zeke and Luther. It's really funny. Now it's about Luther and making his grandmother happy

So funny 

Going out

Today we might be going out to do some shooting for mum's video. But we might not because it's still snowing and we can't go out anywhere. Because we're going to get sick so we have to stay inside.



When I grow up I want to be a Pilot, football player, fireman or astronaut. Between those 4 so first choice is Pilot, second fireman, third astronaut and lastly football player.  


In my PSP I have 6 games named :
  1. Virtua tennis 3
  2. Spiderman 2
  3. Tony Hawk 2 Underground Remix
  4. WWE 2009
  5. NBA ballers rebound
  6. Winning 11 2009
That's all.

Lionel Andres Messi

My favourite  football player and my Idol. He plays for Barcelona and Argentina. He has skill like Maradona the famous football player.

He has great speed and agility. He can do many styles of goals and many skills in any different way.

Another day of snow

Tomorrow I am not going to school instead I'm playing with snow and I have to go shooting a video for mum's work.



Now I'm watching NCIS. There's like mystery, killing and so many dies.

Why must the good die young.

iPad or Kindle

Now I'm saving up for a iPad or kindle. Because the iPad is 429 pounds and the kindle is only 109 pounds. So maybe I'll pick the kindle because it's cheaper and  maybe I'll think about the iPad,

The Delicious Meal

An hour ago I ate chicken it was so delicious and tremendous man. The taste was so SPECTACULAR and AWESOME.

Lana Al-Dayyana

I can't wait to go back to Malaysia. Because of my little baby niece named Lana Al-Dayyana. She is so cute I'll show you a picture.

baby Lana

so cute

Lana Al-Dayyana

Homework and School

I finally finished my homework. Part of it. But there's like 14 questions each one is hard. But I finished YAAAHOOOO finally

Tomorrow I still have no school AWESOME and this is all thanks to snow. Thank you snow thank you

Snow pictures

I'm going to show you some of my snow pictures.

so cold

making a snow ball

me and my mum

me and my sisters

me and my mum and sister